Up to four NEXIA devices may be linked together to share digital audio signals. Tx on one NEXIA device is connected to Rx on the next device, using straight through shielded CAT5 cabling, with a maximum recommended length of 5 meters per cable.


When multiple NEXIA devices are placed in the Layout, NexLink blocks become available for routing digital audio between linked devices. As NexLink blocks are placed into the Layout, a dialog box appears for establishing links between specific devices.


A device can transmit up to sixteen channels of digital audio to any other single device in the system. A device can also receive up to sixteen channels of digital audio from any other single device in the system.


NexLink is always represented in the Layout as two separate blocks, one for output connections (from transmitting device) and one for input connections (to receiving device).


Signals received by one device may be mixed and processed as desired, then passed on to another device, using a separate set of NexLink blocks. NexLink transmissions are unidirectional, however, signals will pass through other devices to reach the destination device. A complete circuit may be created between devices by connecting the final device back to the first (see diagram to left).






NOTE: Double-clicking a NexLink In block provides a Link Status indicator. This indicator will be green only when communicating with devices that have appropriate NexLink cabling in place.