Object Toolbar




The Object Toolbar, located directly above the Layout, allows Component Object selection for placement into the Layout. CS, PM, SP, VC, and TC represent the models of NEXIA analog input/output hardware to be used in a system. Nx allows up to four NEXIA devices (any models) to share digital audio signals via NexLink. All other Component Objects are organized in the following categories: Mixers; Equalizers; Filters; Crossovers; Dynamics; Routers; Delays; Controls; Meters; Generators; Diagnostics; and Specialty.


Each category is represented by an icon, with a drop-down menu to the right. To place a Component Object, first choose the appropriate category, then select the desired component from the drop-down menu. Once the component has been selected, simply left-click at the desired location on the Layout. Left-clicking a category icon will select the component which occurs first in the menu list. When using the Object Toolbar to place components into the Layout, certain components will present the user with a pop-up window of configuration options.


The Object Toolbar also provides the option of either a select cursor or a text cursor. The select cursor is for component selection, placement, wiring, etc. The text cursor is for placing Text Objects into the Layout, for system design labeling purposes.  When editing the text in a Text Object, or any label of a DSP block, Ctrl+Enter will move the cursor to the next line.


When using the Object Toolbar, the Processing Library may be closed, increasing the width of the Layout. The Object Toolbar may be opened/closed from the View Menu. The location and shape of all toolbars may be changed to fit the user's preference.