System Network Considerations

Ethernet allows multiple NEXIA devices to be connected on a network, for system-wide programming and control. Ethernet supports Software User Interface, Remote Control Bus, and Third-Party Control, but does not include sharing of digital audio signals via NexLink.


The PC computer, running NEXIA software under Windows® XP Professiona/Vista, must have a 10/100 BaseT network card (NIC) installed. When connecting directly to the Ethernet port on a single NEXIA unit, a 'cross-over' CAT5 cable is used. When connecting to a network (or system) of multiple NEXIA units, a 'straight-through' CAT5 cable is used (via an Ethernet switch). Ethernet switches (not 'hubs') must be 10/100 BaseT compatible, with sufficient ports for connection to each NEXIA unit (multiple switches may be used). These connections also use 'straight-through' CAT5 cables. When a system using only two NEXIA devices has been configured, and the computer connection is removed, Ethernet may be connected directly between the two units using a 'cross-over' CAT5 cable.


Ethernet has a cable length limitation of 100 meters, between the Ethernet switch and a NEXIA device. However, fiber-optic cable may be used to extend this distance limitation to 2 km. Fiber-optic cable can be used with switches that have fiber-optic ports, or media converters can be used to interface fiber-optic cable with standard RJ-45 ports. NOTE: Distances between devices in systems utilizing NexLink are restricted to a maximum length of 5 meters for each NexLink cable. NexLink is proprietary and is not Ethernet compatible. Therefore, Ethernet switches cannot be used within NexLink cabling.


The computer must be assigned an IP address (under Network Card Settings>Properties). Most computers set TCP/IP address automatically, but NEXIA devices require manual assignment. Initially, the computer IP addresses should be assigned as 192.168.1.X (where range of X = 1~254). Each NEXIA device must also be assigned a unique IP address (see Device Maintenance). The factory default IP address for all NEXIA devices is


Many system designs require only a single NEXIA device. These systems do not exceed the number of inputs/outputs, and the amount of DSP processing, provided by one specific model. When a single unit is used, network considerations are simplified. No Ethernet switch is required. The only Ethernet connection is that between the computer and the NEXIA device ('cross-over' CAT5 cable). A 'cross-over' cable is included with each NEXIA device.