SP Output 8 Channel


NEXIA SP hardware is always represented in the Layout as two separate blocks, one for input connections and one for output connections. Between these blocks can be placed virtually any of the other available NEXIA mixing, routing, and processing blocks (component objects). Like other component objects, NEXIA SP blocks can be placed into the Layout either from the Processing Library or from the Object Toolbar. To access Output 8 Channel settings, double-click over the corresponding block in the Layout. This opens a Control Dialog Box which provides all available settings.




Device IO indicates which hardware output is associated with that software channel. Mute Out turns the output signal on/off. Level (dB) Out adjusts the relative output volume. Invert Out reverses the polarity of the output signal. Full Scale (dBu) Out selects the appropriate maximum output reference level.


Right-clicking over certain settings will provide a menu of additional options.


Each NEXIA SP comes pre-configured from the factory with a default system design. If you wish to load your own custom designed configuration you will need to reset/initialize the unit(s) first.