VC - AEC Ref 8 Channel


NEXIA VC hardware is represented in the Layout with as many as seven separate blocks. Between these blocks can be placed virtually any of the other available NEXIA mixing, routing, and processing blocks (component objects). Like other component objects, NEXIA VC blocks can be placed into the Layout either from the Processing Library or from the Object Toolbar. The VC – AEC Ref 8 Channel block has no control dialog of its own. Double-clicking this block in the Layout will produce the control dialog for the associated VC – AEC Input 8 Channel block.



AEC Ref provides the ‘reference’ signal for the associated AEC input channels. This reference is the signal that AEC will cancel at the corresponding input. In conferencing applications, AEC Ref blocks should typically receive 'far-end' (Codec In) and ‘program’ signals only (not microphones), and be connected as close as possible to the output, so as to reflect any level adjustments and signal processing applied for local sound reinforcement of those same signals. This approach provides the most accurate reference. AEC Ref blocks should never be connected to paths containing signal from corresponding AEC Inputs.


Each NEXIA VC comes pre-configured from the factory with a default system design. If you wish to load your own custom designed configuration you will need to reset/initialize the unit(s) first.