Select 8





The Select 8 is an external control device, which allows initiation of eight selectable NEXIA actions. Actions can be individual or grouped functions within NEXIA. This includes recalling presets, ducking, combining, etc.


Select 8 components have no Control Dialog Boxes. They are represented in the layout as a block with eight control output nodes. These control output nodes are connected to control input nodes on the other component blocks to be controlled. These other components may include Remote Preset Buttons, Duckers, Room Combiners, and Logic Boxes. Muting and room combining routines can also be achieved using presets. Logic Boxes can provide logic outputs for controlling additional equipment, external to NEXIA.


Select 8 behavior can be altered using Logic Gates.


Select 8 controls fit most US standard single-gang back-boxes (back-boxes are available separately from Biamp Systems). Custom Control Labels may be printed for the Select 8.


Please refer to the 'Installation Guide' (included with controls), or see Remote Control Bus for more information. External controls must be identified (see Device Maintenance) and associated with their corresponding component blocks within the layout (see Equipment Table).